My Rants About My Life and Observations

"Why you gotta push me to the limit?
Why you gotta hold me down?
You’re quicksand, you’re a sinkhole, you’re the fall beneath my stand;
Got me fallin’ outta love and tryin’ to land.

You’re a sickness, you’re a fever, you’re the itch beneath my skin;
You’re a virus, you’re a cancer, makin’ my world spin.
You’re a toxin, an infectious, and it rots me to the bone;
And I don’t know just how to get over you. Get over you.”

Over You (feat. B. Lewis) — Grieves

I called her ass for two months and heard shit from her; these girls couldn’t care less when the chips under.
The chips are up and on my shoulder, ya heard me? I take it out on girls who don’t even deserve it.

The girls I tried to hit last year, I still might; Karma’s a bitch who doesn’t suck, but I still like.
If we were kids I’d have the black K-Swiss and Reebok; if we were kids I wouldn’t act like this, but we not.

— Kids — Childish Gambino

Safe to say I’m a horrible human being.

Insecure girlfriends

*At the alter* “So you still love me right?”

*Purchasing your first house* “You sure you wanna¬†live with me?”

*Birth of first child* “You sure you still wanna be the dad?”

*In the old folks home* “You still like me… right?”

*On your deathbed* ” You sure you wanna die here?”





Guys I think bing has self-esteem issues </3

I think Yahoo! has the same problem :(


this is probably why


google you fucking narcissist 

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Coming back from some time off.

Trap music spam incoming…. Just my latest addictions.

Loaded — SubtomiK

Sail (DJ Slink Trap Remix) — AWOLNATION

The Drop (Cory Enemy Trap Remix) — Bro Safari

Swang (Original Mix) — Fortune Cookie

Rudeboy (ft. Doctor) [Infuze Trap Remix] — Sigma

Is This Love (Soke Trap Remix) — Bob Marley

Swimming Pools (Flaxo Trap Remix) — Kendrick Lamar